Preparation is an essential step towards performing well in any interview. Your ability to demonstrate your interest and knowledge of the organisation, as well as your capability will be key to your success.

To prepare for an interview, you should:

  • Know where you are going for the interview and allow plenty of time to get there. You don’t want to arrive hot and flustered, or worse still..late, so ensure you plan your trip, parking etc.
  • Dress to impress- first impressions count for a lot so you are always best to overdress if unsure of dress standards.
  • Research the employer. Depending on the organisation, your research should give you an understanding of their business, values, key projects, markets, client base, and challenges.
  • Have the name of the person you are meeting written down and ensure you pronounce it correctly (check with your consultant if unsure) , and do your research on them as best as possible- LinkedIn is great for this, or ask your consultant at Seed Talent.
  • Read the job ad and/or position description so you are clear on the skills required for the job. These are the skills they will be assessing at interview and will base the questions around.
  • Spend time before your interview thinking of examples to questions you may be asked-
  • Think of interesting examples that demonstrate these skills. Prepare questions to ask at the end of the interview. Avoid asking questions that could be answered via their website, and avoid any salary related questions- Salary discussions will be taken care of by your consultant to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.