If you’re serious about finding a job in the New Year, the holidays is not the time to slack off on your job search.

In fact, it’s the season to ramp up your job search. Here’s why.

1.  There are less people applying for jobs

Most job seekers also take a break to spend time with family or simply to recharge. They do  so with the mistaken belief that there are little or no jobs during the silly season. This means less resumes clogging employer’s inboxes and more opportunities for you to get noticed.

2. Employers are still hiring

That’s right. Business still needs to operate – projects, customer service, logistics, IT and so on need to be maintained. In fact, the holiday season is when major transactions occur for some industries.  It is peak season for industries like retail, logistics, hospitality, and travel and tourism. Christmas is not downtime for everyone.

3.  Employers want to start the New Year with a bang

Companies whose fiscal year ends in December often have access to new budgets, organisational structures and projects in the New Year. You’ll find they’ll want to quickly spend any remaining budget to approve new projects and fill positions before the new fiscal year starts.

This year in particular saw many employers ramp up hiring efforts soon after the September election results.

4. It’s networking galore

Don’t say no to Christmas party invitations. It’s one of the best networking opportunities that will help you crack the hidden job market. According to recent studies, 80% of jobs are found through networking. Use it as an opportunity to find out what’s available and make connections with potential employers.

5. People have time to chat

When you wish someone a Merry Christmas whether on the phone or via email, you’re likely to get a good reception. Use this time to reconnect with old bosses, colleagues and connections on Linkedin. People are generally more generous with their time and you’ll position yourself well in the New Year.

Next time someone tells you nobody hires during the holidays, tell them it’s rubbish. In fact we’re hiring right now for a QA Engineer, Android Developer and lots more cool tech jobs.