Julie Seletto, co-founder and operations director of Seed Talent, says start-ups usually only hire when they have to, when the stress of massive workloads really begins to wear on them.


One of the advantages of running a lean start-up is having the agility to “test and learn” fast. Often, that also means making a few mistakes along the way that are, hopefully, good for the business. However, there are some common mistakes  many start-up founders make that should probably be avoided – one of which is hiring great staff.

In a recent interview with leading news and advice resource for startups, StartupSmart, Seed Talent operations director Julie Seletto talked about the key hiring issues many cash-strapped start-ups face and what to do about it.

1. Take the time to realise your own skills gaps

2. Don’t scrimp on costs for first hires, but be smart about how you structure the salary

3. Set really clear targets and don’t be afraid to move people on

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