Contrary to popular belief, PowerPoints are not dead; they are simply misused. Use it well at your next board presentation or management meeting and you might just get what you’re asking for or at least your views heard.

Here are examples of what a great PowerPoint presentation should look like and below are simple tips that will make a big difference.

1. Tell a story

The most memorable presentations are those that contain the key elements of good story-telling – a beginning, middle and an end. Start by presenting the issue or problem your presentation will solve then present your key findings with compelling data  that ties in with the issue. By the end of your presentation, the audience should feel they’ve learnt something new or have a better understanding of the solution.

2. Create a talking point not a script

Your PowerPoint slide should either act as a teaser that opens up a key topic or communicate your key message.  This can be done with powerful  imagery, graphs or key stats that support rather than distract the audience from what you are saying.

3. Consistency is key

It’s tempting to get overly creative with PowerPoint slides so check your company’s corporate identity manual and stick to the guidelines. That means using company colours, logos and fonts.

4. Less is more

Avoid the urge to use flashy transitions or over explain with too much text. Keep your slides free of clutter; if you use bullet points, stick to three points and don’t exceed one line per bullet. Your presentation will have more impact and keep your audience focused, which leads us to the final point…

5. Be generous with your hand-outs

Leave all the details to your hand-outs so that the audience won’t need to take notes during your talk.