21 10, 2013

How To Resign Gracefully


Just because you've resigned from a job doesn't mean you can slack off. Be as helpful as possible, maintain your professionalism, ensure a smooth handover and stay positive. The corporate world is

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6 03, 2013

What To Do During A Job Interview


At the interview: Be confident, smile and be yourself Listen and don't jump in with an answer until the interviewer has finished speaking Ensure you understand the question being asked, and if

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6 03, 2013

How To Prepare for Behavioural Interviewing


Behavioural interviewing is now a standard means of interviewing within many organisations. The interview questions are designed to gather examples of previous behavior which will then assist the interviewer in determining how

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6 03, 2013

Interview Preparation Tips


Preparation is an essential step towards performing well in any interview. Your ability to demonstrate your interest and knowledge of the organisation, as well as your capability will be key to your

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